Our Purpose and Values

Our Core Purpose
We help entrepreneurs and founders rapidly transition their companies from crisis to sustainable growth by providing mission critical solutions and support.

Our Core Values

Who Are We?

The HyperTurnaround team comprises seasoned global experts committed to helping entrepreneurs and founders overcome seemingly insurmountable crises with their companies. This team has collectively over 100 years of real life hands experience with mission critical hyperturnaround situations.

Our approach was pioneered by our chairman, Kevin Chin, author of the Amazon category best selling HyperTurnaround! book. Kevin has had direct hands on experience in turning around numerous companies globally as an owner and leader, earning global recognition and awards in the process.

In 2020, he was recognized with the prestigious Turnaround Management Association (TMA) award for the SME category globally, further validating the power of the HyperTurnaround! method. Today, he leads the award winning global investment firm, Arowana & Co, one of the world's highest ranking B Corporations.